We are a research and development technology company, specialist in financial software development and data analysis. We have created many exciting technological solutions such as data visualizations for instant analysis, stock trading algorithms to face the current volatile market conditions. And we try our best to educate people and help them make informed decision about profitable stock trading in a simple and easy manner.

As you may well aware that ManoStick is the advanced invention in financial data visualization as the supply & demand driven charting concept and the stock analysts’ best choice. Now, you have the opportunity to license our Intellectual Property (IP) and well inform your customers. We have different types of licensing and you can choose the most convenient among commercial media licensing, dual licensing, software licensing and non-commercial media licensing.

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ManoStick.Com is a trading style of HilaInvest Limited.

The ManoStick : An Ariel View of the Stock Market
ISBN: 978-0956395603
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