The ManoStick : An Ariel View of the Stock Market

ISBN: 978-0956395603 Special Limited Edition
Author: M Siluvairajah
Publisher: NewVersion.Net, London 2009

Stock trading is very interesting and there is high scope for good profit who earns the right knowledge. Many people try stock trading one or another time and some make great profit while others make it break even.

If you ask me or other field experts, you will get the same answer that stock trading is like driving a car. There are written and unwritten rules which you need to obey, you should not over speed or park in wrong places. The important aspect is the view. You need to look in front, see your sides and the rear too. Be alert all the time to have a safe journey.

“An Ariel View of the Stock Market”

As the name suggests, this book investigates all the service providers in the first chapter. How they make money? When we know our service providers' intention, then only we can protect our money. That is an eagle view.

Then you can read about fundamental analysis. Is it important? Do you think fundamental analysis will make you money or even protect your fund? Is it worth your time doing all the fundamental research? What happened in the past? You are getting a different view in chapter two.

Technical analysis is explained in chapter three. Are all those technical indicators and oscillators giving you the correct information? Or is it like looking at the clouds and guessing the patterns? Whom do you think your favourite moving average make money? You might rush to get an answer if you really want to save time doing technical analysis.

An introduction to ManoStick is in chapter four. Before you ask me why another stick and where to stick, Think! Candle Stick was invented in early 18th century in Japan. Compared to Line charts, Candle Stick charts were far better as Candle Stick displayed other properties such as high, low, open and close prices. However, ManoStick introduces an important dimension for charting, the popularity. That is the way ManoStick fills the gap of many decades in charting.

Psychology? Although psychology is everywhere nowadays, it is still important on stock trading. Professional stock traders know how to install a habit, so called pattern and when to break. So that you will do the same mistake again & again. You might wonder why I did not buy here or why I did not sell there.

In chapter six, you can read about third generation charting software, Path2Profit. In addition, there is a quick introduction to new functionalities to see the charts clearly and take wise decision.

By reading the book, I hope you will able to apply the knowledge in the real world and develop a great trading mind, be prepared for unknown and unexpected events, which used to happen in the stock market as well as making huge profit which is possible for the well educated.

Please email me your views, comments and criticisms of this book, especially about ManoStick, which I hope, will encourage me to help people do technical analysis using charts.

Good trading!

Winners aren't born,
they've made!
by knowledge.

By M Siluvairajah

"If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas. GEORGE BERNARD SHAW (1856-1950)"

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The ManoStick : An Ariel View of the Stock Market
ISBN: 978-0956395603 Special Limited Edition
Publisher: NewVersion.Net, London 2009

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